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This folder contains map themes that were created by me or the community.
These files are provided as is.

See Map Themes in the manual for more information.

A big Thank You to all contributors!

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[   ]Google Maps.zip2023-11-02 17:47 122K 
[   ]Little Navmap Map Themes_v1.4.zip2024-01-28 23:15 1.7M 
[   ]MapBox Flying-Terrain-Map Style.zip2023-11-07 12:33 1.0M 
[   ]OpenStreetMap French.zip2023-11-02 17:47 9.6K 
[   ]OpenStreetMap German.zip2023-11-02 17:47 10K 
[   ]Stadia StamenTerrain.zip2023-11-02 17:47 9.1K