1. Acknowledgments

A big thank-you for all people supporting me, sending me their log files, screen shots, ideas for improvements, friendly messages, donations and more.

A huge Thank you! to Paul Watts for his support, for testing, tips, links to incredible tools and for all his work on the manual.

A very special thank-you to Roberto S. from Switzerland for his valuable input and also helping with his capability to find the most obscure bugs.

The French translation of the program was done by Patrick JUNG alias Patbest. Thank you!

Thanks to all beta testers for their effort, patience and ideas: Barry, Brian, Gérard, John, Remi and Sam.

Big thanks for John Liu and Tong Hui for the Chinese user interface translation.

A thank you! to Flavio Borgna and Andrea Deplano PVI, Italian virtual pilots for the Italian translation.

Another big Danke! to Marc from Germany for all his great ideas and endless bug reports.

Thanks to all in the forums who patiently supported me and gave invaluable feedback during the public beta:

AVSIM, SimOuthouse, FSDeveloper.com.