8. Appendix

8.1. How to report a Bug

If something goes wrong send me Little Navconnect’s log file and configuration file which both can be located in the about dialog. My e-mail address is shown in the about dialog of Little Navconnect as well. Please compress the log file in a ZIP archive.

Please add all steps that are necessary to reproduce the error.

If you’re concerned about privacy when sending log files: The log files will contain all paths (like your Documents directory) which will also include your username as a part of the path. They might also contain your computer’s name IP address in your network.

In no case file names from anything else than flight simulator scenery or configuration files are included. No names or content of personal files is included in the log files.

I’d suggest to remove this information if you’re concerned about it.

I strongly recommend to send the log files using a private forum message or by email and not attach them to forum posts where they are publicly visible.

8.2. Files

8.2.1. Windows

Log files of Little Navconnect for Windows 10 or Windows 11 are typically stored in the directory:


The program keeps two log files and rotates these depending on size. Therefore, you can find up to two log files abarthel-little_navconnect.log and abarthel-little_navconnect.log.1.

All configuration files of my programs for Windows 7/8/10 are typically stored in the directory:


There is one configuration file for this program:

little_navconnect.ini: INI style configuration file. Text file.

8.2.2. macOS and Linux

The configuration files are stored in $HOME/.config/ABarthel on macOS and Linux. Log files are stored in /tmp on Linux and in /var/folders on macOS.