Print Map Print Map

Opens the print preview dialog allowing the current map view to be printed.

Print Map Preview Dialog

Picture above: Print preview dialog for the current map.

Print Flight Plan Print Flight Plan

Print the current flight plan together with departure and destination airport information.


  • Print Table Header: Adds a header showing departure, destination and other information like the label on top of the tab Plan in the dock window Flight Plan.
  • Print Fuel Report: Print the fuel calculation report from the tab Aircraft in the dock window Flight Plan.
  • New page after each chapter: Add a page feed after header, flight plan, fuel report and airport information.
  • Text Size: Allows to increase or decrease the size of all texts except the flight plan table.

Flight Plan

  • Print flight plan table: Adds the flight plan to the print.
  • Text Size: Increase or decrease the size of the flight plan table text.
  • Select Flight Plan Columns to Print: Click on the names to include or exclude flight plan columns.

Options for Departure and Destination Airport

  • Overview: Print the airport overview as show in the Information dock window on tab Airport.
  • Runways / Helipads: Print runway and helipad information.
  • Include runways with soft surface: Include runways with soft surfaces like grass, gravel and others.
  • Detailed runway information: Include detailed information for the runway ends like approach lighting, VASI types, ILS information and more.
  • COM frequencies: Include communication frequencies like tower, ATIS, UNICOM and others.
  • Procedures: Print procedure information as shown on the tab Procedures in the Information dock window.
  • Weather: Print the decoded weather for all enabled sources as shown on the tab Weather in the Information dock window.

General options

  • Print flight plan table: Print the flight plan as seen in the flight plan table.
  • Text size: Reduce the text size to avoid unnecessary line breaks or increase it for better readability.

Print Flight Plan Dialog

Picture above: Print flight plan options dialog.

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