10. Statusbar

The statusbar at the bottom of the window shows various information. Shown or hide it in the menu Window -> Statusbar.

The statusbar at the bottom of the main window shows various indications (from left to right):

Messages, last action or quick help

explaining a menu item or toolbar button. When inactive the field shows the number of messages, if any. Messages cover background tasks like weather updates or the simulator connection state. Messages are shown in the tooltip when clicking into the field or hovering the mouse above. A maximum of ten messages is shown.

Connection status

for a local or remote connection. The tooltip provides more detail about the status, like the host name for remote connections as well as the connection status for online networks.

  • Connecting...: The program is trying to establish a connection which was initiated either manually or automatically.

  • Connected: A connection was established.

  • Disconnected: The simulator or Little Navconnect exited.

Map content indicator

that shows airport types, airspaces, navaids or AI vehicles currently visible on the map. The tooltip gives more details.

  • A red warning message Too many objects is be shown if too many objects are displayed on the map due to too high a detail level. The map display might be incomplete if this happens.

  • A red Database empty message will be shown if the currently selected database has no content and needs to be loaded. See Load Scenery Library for more information how to load the scenery library for a simulator.

Map detail level.

Range is -2 for least detail to +5 for most detail. See More Details, Less Details and Default Details in menu View.

Online map download progress indicator.

This shows the state of the current map download. The text is prefixed with a red Offline. indication if offline mode is enabled.

  • Done: All map data loaded successfully.

  • Loading: Map data is missing in the cache and was requested. Now waiting for reply.

  • Updating: Map data is already loaded but expired after two weeks. Waiting for new data after requesting an update.

  • Incomplete: Download failed.

Zoom distance

viewpoint distance to earth surface in NM or kilometers.


at cursor position on map as latitude and longitude depending on selected unit in the dialog Options on page Units.

Current date of month and UTC time

hours:minutes:seconds. This is the real world time and not the simulator time. The tooltip gives more date and time information.


Status bar with messages in tooltip about the last weather updates, the connection status Connecting (FSX/P3D/MSFS) and a tooltip that indicates what is currently shown on the map. The map detail level is unchanged and the map coordinates at the cursor position are shown on the bottom right. Altitude at cursor is not shown since offline elevation data is not installed. The online map download progress indicator shows Done indicating all map tiles were downloaded. Zoom distance is 1.8 NM.