Traffic Pattern Traffic Pattern

Little Navmap can display an airport traffic patterns as a guidance on the map.

Right click on an airport in the map, flight plan table or airport search result table and select Display Airport Traffic Pattern.

This will show a dialog where you can select a runway and customize the pattern.

The title shows airport name, ICAO airport ident and elevation.

  • Runway: Select the runway here. Shows length and surface type. The label below shows name, length, width, magnetic heading, surface and light status of the currently selected runway.
  • Turn direction: Select to choose between left or right turn pattern. This is automatically updated when selecting a runway from FSX or P3D.
  • Base 45° after threshold: Calculates the final leg length automatically when checked.
  • Base leg to runway threshold: Length of the final leg. Measured from turn to final to the runway threshold.
  • Downwind to runway: Parallel distance from downwind leg to runway.
  • Pattern altitude: Pattern altitude above airport elevation. This is automatically updated when selecting a runway from FSX or P3D.
  • Entry and exit indicators: Shows dashed lines and arrows giving hints for entry and exit points.
  • Line Color: Color of the pattern lines and labels.

Traffic patterns can be removed by either selecting Map -> Remove all Ranges, Measurements and Patterns or by right click on the hotspot (circle) at the runway threshold.

See Legend - Airport Traffic Pattern for details about the displayed numbers in the pattern.

Traffic Pattern Dialog

Picture above: Traffic pattern dialog for EDFE runway 08 at 1000 ft above airport elevation.

Traffic Pattern

Picture above: Traffic Pattern for the settings in the dialog above. Downwind leg shows pattern altitude above MSL and course and final leg shows runway name and course.

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