8. Tabs

The dock windows Flight Planning, Information, Simulator Aircraft and Search have tab bars that allow to close, open and move tabs.

Tooltips give more information about the function of a tab.

Note that you cannot move a tab to another window.

The Window -> Reset Tabs to Default menu item in the main menu also resets the tab visibility and order to default.

8.1. Context Menu Tabbar

The context menu above the tab bar (right click on one of the tabs) and the tab button Tab Button have the following menu items:

  • Open All: Opens all tabs. All closed tabs are opened again and added to the right side of the tab bar.

  • Close all Except Current: All tabs are closed except the currently active.

  • Reset Tab Layout: Opens all closed tabs again and restores the default order.

  • Lock Tab Layout: Hides the close buttons to avoid accidental closing. Moving by click and drag as well as closing by double click are disabled. A locked tab bar also occupies less space. You can still close and open tabs using the context menu or menu button.

  • Close Tab: Only visible in the context menu. Closes the tab below the click spot.

  • One menu item for each tab: Toggles tab visibility. A tab is always opened to the right of the current one.

8.2. Mouse actions

  • Click and drag a tab to move it.

  • Double click a tab to close it.

  • Right click a tab to open the context menu.

  • Use the mouse wheel above a tab bar to cycle between tabs.


Drop down button menus and context menus on tab bars marked red. Click image to enlarge.

8.3. Stacked Dock Window Tabs

Tabs at the bottom of a window appear when you drop dock windows on each other. Grab a window title bar to move a window out of the stacked display. You can also change the order of these tabs by dragging them around.

See Dock Windows for more information about stacked dock windows.