63. Tutorials

63.1. General

All functions will be referred by the names in the main menu by using Menu Name -> Menu Item. The icons are shown as well, so you can find the buttons on one of the toolbars. Screenshots will provide more help.

Screenshots were made on Linux and Windows. Therefore, look and feel might be different.

See User Interface for general information about the user interface.


Flight plan distances, available procedures and airport names might differ between the simulators and used navdata cycles.

Select the closest procedures or runways if they differ in your setup.

63.2. Quick Start

To have a clean common base, I recommend the following:

63.3. Tutorials

  1. Tutorial - Building a VFR Flight Plan: This tutorial shows how to create a simple flight plan based on the map and its context menu.

  2. Tutorial - Building an IFR Flight Plan with Approach Procedures This long tutorial will show you how to create a more complex IFR flight plan including approach procedures. It introduces the advanced airport search functionality, the spatial search and the automatic flight plan calculation.

  3. Tutorial - Creating an Aircraft Performance Profile This tutorial shows how to automatically collect aircraft performance while flying and how to merge and fine tune the result.