This user manual for the Little Navmap 2.8 releases has already been updated for new features, but is still considered a draft until the stable version is released.

72. Little Xpconnect

Little Navmap can only connect to X-Plane using the Little Xpconnect X-Plane plugin which has to be installed as well.

The Little Xpconnect plugin is included in the Little Navmap archive. You can always find the correct and matching version on your Little Navmap installtion directory.

The plugin is 64-bit only and is available for Windows, macOS (ARM and Intel) and Linux.

72.2. Compatibility Error

A pop up window says that versions are not compatible and and upgrade of Little Xpconnect is needed despite having the latest Little Xpconnect installed.

There is probably an old version of Little Xpconnect installed wrongly somewhere in your X-Plane plugins path. Maybe it was installed accidentally in the plugins base path without the Little Xpconnect folder structure.

Check if there is another folder with the Little Xpconnect executable (win.xpl, mac.xpl or lin.xpl depending on operating system) around or if the file is stored in the plugins folder on the top level.

You can see the path of the (wrongly) loaded plugin in the X-Plane plugin manager.

72.3. Installation

Delete any old Little Xpconnect installations in the plugins directory before copying the new version. Do not merge new and old installations.

Copy the whole plugin directory Little Xpconnect into the directory plugins in the directory Resources in the X-Plane installation. The complete path should look like:

.../X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/Little Xpconnect

The installation was successful if you can see the menu Little Xpconnect in the X-Plane plugins menu.

When connecting with Little Navmap select the tab X-Plane in the connection dialog. See also Flight Simulator Connection.

72.4. macOS Architectures

The X-Plane plugin comes in two separate folders for different architectures.

  1. Little Xpconnect arm64: This is for Apple computers having an Apple Silicon or an Intel CPU. It supports only newer macOS releases from Mojave 10.14 and later.

  2. Little Xpconnect x86: This is for Apple computers having an Intel CPU. This supports older macOS releases from Sierra 10.12.

Install Little Xpconnect arm64 if in doubt.

72.5. Clearing the Quarantine Flag on macOS

You have to remove the quarantine flag from the plugin after downloading and extracting it. Otherwise X-Plane will silently not load the plugin.

The procedure may be slightly different depending on whether you’re using Big Sur or Catalina.

  1. Copy the whole plugin folder Little Xpconnect into the folder plugins in Resources in the X-Plane installation. The complete path should look like .../X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/Little Xpconnect.

  2. Right or Ctrl-Click in the Finder on the included script Prepare Little Xpconnect.command in the folder .../plugins/Little Xpconnect and select Open With and Terminal.

  3. You will see a dialog Prepare Little Xpconnect.command cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Click Ok.

  4. Go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy. You will see a message mentioning the script Prepare Little Xpconnect.command. Click Open Anyway.

  5. Next a dialog Are you sure you want to open it? pops up. Click Open.

The script shows a few explantions and asks for your password which allows it to run a command as an administrator. You can look at the script which is a text file to see what commands are executed.

The installation was successful if you can see the menu Little Xpconnect in the X-Plane plugins menu.

You have to repeat this procedure each time you update Little Xpconnect.


Use the tool Mac OS - CleanUp Quarantine Flags to clean the flags for all X-Plane plugins. Place the downloaded and extracted application in your X-Plane base folder and double click it. A dialog window showing the number of cleaned flags pops up after running.

72.6. Files

The Plugin creates a log file which can be found in

  • C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\abarthel-little_xpconnect.log for Windows,

  • /tmp/abarthel-little_xpconnect.log for Linux and

  • /var/folders/RANDOMIZED_DIRECTORY_NAME/abarthel-little_xpconnect.log for macOS.

Additionally a small settings file is created which can be found in

  • C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel\little_xpconnect.ini for Windows,

  • $HOME/.config/ABarthel/little_xpconnect.ini for Linux and macOS.

The settings can also be changed using the configuration file little_xpconnect.ini.

Little Xpconnect configuration file

FetchAiAircraft=true  # Also get AI aircraft. You can disable this if
                      # you think the plugin causes performance problems.

FetchRateMs=200       # Data will be fetched from X-Plane every 200
                      # milliseconds.
                      # Lower this value to get a more fluid movement of the
                      # aircraft symbol on the map. Increase this value if you
                      # think the plugin causes performance problems.

FetchRate=200         # Old obsolete value. Will be deleted on start.