7. Dock Windows

The user interface of Little Navmap consists of a main window and several dock windows which can be detached from the main window or arranged within the main window.

The docked windows can be moved around in their docked position and can be detached from the main window by simply dragging them outside of the main window (click the title bar to drag), by double-clicking their title bar or by clicking on the window symbol on the top right.

Double click on the docked window’s title bar or click on the window symbol again to move the windows back into their docked position in the main window.

All docked windows, except the map window, can be closed if they are not needed. You can also drop docked windows on each other to create a tabbed view. The tabs will appear at the bottom of the dock stack in this case.

Note that dock windows open automatically when selecting functions like Show Information or clicking on the user aircraft, for example.

You can save and load dock window layouts in the Window menu. See also Window Layout for details.

More dock window related settings like auto activation on mouse overr can be found in the options on page User Interface.


Hold Ctrl while clicking on the window title bar to prevent a window from going back into the docked state in the main window and keep it floating.

You can also deselect Window -> Allow Window docking in the main menu to prevent the dock windows from snapping back into the main window.

Toolbars are also movable by clicking on the left handle and can also be closed or detached from the main window similar to the dock windows. Toolbars can also be opened and closed in the main menu Window.


Cursor above the toolbar handle that has to be clicked to move or to undock the toolbar.


Use the Window menu in the in the main menu to save, load or restore closed windows, toolbars and tabs.

The Window -> Reset Window Layout menu item in the main menu can be used to reset the state and positions of all dock windows and toolbars back to their default. This also resets the tab visibility and order back to default.


Title bar of a dock window marked red.


Moving a dock window around. The blue background opens to indicate a space in the main window where the dock can be dropped in.


Dock window in floating state detached from main window.


Dropping a dock window on another to create a stack.


A stack of two dock windows. The tab bar is marked red at the bottom of the stacked dock windows.


You must click on the title bar of a window to remove it from the stack, not on the tab bar.