12. GLOBE Offline Elevation Data

Using the recommended freely downloadable GLOBE - Global Land One-km Base Elevation Project elevation data has several advantages:

  • Faster updates

  • World wide coverage

  • No known errors

  • Display of altitude below the cursor in the status bar

  • Correct altitude if using non-airport departure and destination points

Resolution is slightly lower than the online data.

12.1. Installation

The online elevation data which is used per default contains several known errors. Therefore, it is recommended to use the freely downloadable GLOBE offline elevation data.

The bottom part of the page Cache and Files in the options dialog allows to install the elevation data from the GLOBE - Global Land One-km Base Elevation Project .

Follow the instructions below to install the GLOBE elevation data:

  1. Click the link in the dialog or click here to open the page. Click Get data on the web page and then Any or all 16 "tiles". Then click All Tiles in One .zip file to download the file.

    The direct download link is all10g.zip.

  2. Extract the downloaded file all10g.zip to an arbitrary place like ...\Documents\Little Navmap\GLOBE. You can also use the directory which is suggested by the Directories dialog. As a result, you will get a directory all10 containing files a10g to p10g.

  3. Open the options dialog in Little Navmap and click on Cache and Files Cache and Files on the left side.

  4. Select Use Offline GLOBE Elevation Data on the Cache and Files page in the options dialog.

  5. Now select the extracted directory all10 using the Select GLOBE Directory ... button on this options page. The label in the options dialog will show an error if the path is not correct.

  6. Click Ok if the path was recognized and the label below shows Directory and Files are valid.


Correct installation in the directory C:\Users\alex\Documents\Little Navmap Files\GLOBE Elevation Data\all10 which is also selected in the options dialog of Little Navmap. Click image to enlarge.