18. Sun Shading Icon Sun Shading

Little Navmap allows to display the sun shadow on the globe. This works in both projections Mercator and Spherical.

Enable the shadow in the menu View -> Show Sun Shading.

You can change the time source for the sun shading in View -> Sun Shading Time.

The shadow darkness can be changed in the dialog Options on page Map Display User, Sun shading Darkness at the bottom of the dialog.


Sun shading on the northern hemisphere. Click image to enlarge.

18.1. Time Sources

You can choose between three time source for the sun shading. Time is not fixed and will advance for all sources or updated from simulator time.

  • Simulator: Uses the time of the connected flight simulator. Falls back to real time if not connected to a simulator. Automatically updates the shadow if the simulator time changes.

  • Real UTC Time: Always use real time.

  • User defined Time: Allows to use the user defined time as changed by Set User defined Time below.

18.2. Set User defined Time

The menu View -> Sun Shading Time -> Set User defined Time opens a dialog to set an user defined time in UTC as a source for the sun shading.


You can move the dialog away from the map window and see the results immediately by clicking the button Apply.


Do not forget to click on a date when changing months or years. Otherwise the old date will be used.

Note that the user defined time is reset to current real time when restarting Little Navmap.


Date and time for sun shading on November 8 at 10:42 pm UTC Time.