1. Acknowledgments

A big thank-you for all people supporting me, sending me their log files, screen shots, ideas for improvements, friendly messages, donations and more.

A huge Thank you! to Paul Watts for his support, for testing, tips, links to incredible tools and for all his work on the manual.

Plenty of thanks to Hervé Sors for allowing me to include his updated magdecl.bgl file with Little Navmap.

A very special thank-you to Roberto S. from Switzerland for his valuable input and also helping with his capability to find the most obscure bugs.

Thanks to Navigraph for kindly allowing me to include a free AIRAC cycle in the download. Thanks for Richard Stefan for his great support. Current AIRAC cycles can be purchased from Navigraph.

A big Thank you! to Jean Luc from Reality XP for his great support.

Thanks to Jose from fsAerodata for his kind support.

The French translation of the program was done by Patrick JUNG alias Patbest. Thank you!

Thanks to Karl Wichelmann, Stephan Leukert and merspieler for the German translation of the user manual.

Thanks to Ricardo Vitor for the translation to Brazilian Portuguese.

Thanks to Daniel “Wolf” (wolfinformatica.com) for the Spanish translation.

Thanks to Alfredo alias fred, Josemi alias aquileo and Emilio alias zxplane from X-PLANE.es for the Spanish translation of the manual.

Many thanks to Valerio Messina and Flavio Borgna for the Italian translation.

Thank you! to Eddy Crequie for doing the Dutch translation.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön and Jannik Prinz for setting up the Tavis CI builds.

Thanks to all beta testers for their effort, patience and ideas: Barry, Jean-Pierre, Brian, Gérard, John, Remi, Paolo, Sam and many others.

Thanks to Gradus Hageman for his testing efforts, his ideas and for generally pointing me into the right direction.

Another big Danke! to Marc from Germany for all his great ideas and endless bug reports.

Vielen Dank and die Herren vom FSC.ev für Fehlerberichte, Vorschläge und neue Ideen!

Danke für Karl Wichelmann und Zoltan für die Arbeit an der deutschen Übersetzung der Anleitung.

Thank you, Björn for the idea with the automatic performance collection.

Thanks to all in the forums who patiently supported me and gave invaluable feedback during the public beta:

SimOuthouse, FSDeveloper.com.

Thanks to AVSIM for kindly hosting the support forum for Little Navmap.

This project and my library atools would not exist without the fabulous documentation of the BGL files in the FSDeveloper Wiki. So, here a huge thank-you to all the contributors.

Also a thank you to Ed Williams for his Aviation Formulary.

Without the open source Marble widget that allows me to access and display all the maps I would still be busy doing that myself for years.

No Qt application framework and I could not even draw a simple button.

Let’s not forget about all the services that provide us all the online maps for free:

Stamen Design, OpenTopoMap and CARTO.

And last but not least: If there were no OpenStreetMap and its thousands of contributors none of us would have any maps at all.