Reset all for a new Flight Reset all for a new Flight

Use this to reset functions for a new flight. This is optional but always helpful if you with to record logbook entries or aircraft performance between flights.

Reset for a new Flight Dialog

Dialog input and selection fields:

  • Create a new and empty flight plan: Clears the current flight plan. Same as New Flight Plan.
  • Delete aircraft trail: Deletes simulator aircraft trail from map and elevation profile. The same as Delete Aircraft Trail.
  • Reset active flight plan leg: Removes the active (magenta) flight plan leg.
  • Restart aircraft performance collection: Restarts the background aircraft performance collection. Same function as Restart Aircraft Performance Collection.
  • Reset flight detection in logbook: Resets the logbook to detect takeoff and landing for new logbook entries.

Reset for a new Flight Dialog

Picture above: Resetting _Little Navmap for a new flight._

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