51. Coordinate Formats

This chapter briefly describes the recognized coordinate formats in flight plan position dialogs and userpoint dialogs.

The input field shows a message below which indicates if the coordinates were recognized and shows the translated coordinates in the preset format as chosen in dialog Options on tab Units. A red message is shown in case of error.

Check the displayed translated coordinates to verify that your input was parsed correctly.


Editing an user-defined flight plan position. Tooltip gives a quick help on coordinate formats.

51.1. General

Latitude has to be first and longitude second.

N/S and E/W designators are required. Case does not matter.

Degree, minute and second signs can be omitted if numbers are separated by spaces.

A space is only required to separate latitude and longitude or degrees/minutes/seconds if no unit signs are used.

Decimal separator can be period (English) or the locale dependent separator like e.g. comma (German).

51.2. Signed Decimal Formats

For the coordinate formats Latitude and Longitude with sign and Longitude and Latitude with sign:

  • Latitude: Negative is south and positive is north.
  • Longitude: Negative is west and positive is east values.

Choosing these display formats will also enable input of signed decimal values. The reading order for coordinates will also change depending on the chosen format if entering signed numbers.

51.3. Other Formats

These have to be given exactly as shown in the examples.

  • Degrees and minutes: N44124W122451, N14544W017479 or S31240E136502
  • Degrees only 46N078W
  • Degrees and minutes 4620N07805W
  • Degrees, minutes and seconds 481200N0112842E (SkyVector)
  • Degrees and minutes in pair N6500 W08000 or N6500/W08000
  • NAT type 5020N

51.4. Examples

  • Degrees, minutes and seconds: N49° 26' 41.57" E9° 12' 5.49" or 49° 26' 41.57" N 12' 5.49" E
  • Degrees and decimal minutes: N54* 16.82' W008* 35.95', N 52 33.58 E 13 17.26 or 49° 26.69' N 12.09' E
  • Decimal degrees only: 49.4449° N 9.2015° E or N 49.4449° E 9:2015°