Checking for Updates Checking for Updates

Little Navmap will automatically check its home page for available updates on startup. Frequency and update channels are configurable. See below for configuration options.

You can always check manually for updates by selecting Help -> Check for Updates in the main menu.

Note that the installation still has to be done manually.


The dialog showing available updates contains a change log, various other messages and one or more download links.

Download in Web Browser

Opens your default web browser and start the download or shows a download page. You might not necessarily see a web page if the download starts in the background.

The update dialog stays to allow reading the release notes.

Ignore this Update

Pressing this button will close the dialog and put the shown version on a blacklist. You will not see any reminders for this version again but for newer versions.

This button is not visible when checking manually.

Note that a manual check for updates ignores the blacklisted updates.

Remind me Later

Dismiss the dialog. You will be notified again on next startup depending on selected frequency. You can also press the escape key to trigger this action.

This button is not visible when checking manually.

Update Notification

Picture above: Update notification dialog showing an available beta version including change log and download link.

Copy to Clipboard

Copy the contents of the window as formatted text into the clipboard for later reading. This allows to paste the release notes into LibreOffice Writer or MS Word.


Check for Updates

You can set the interval for update checks. Default is Daily. Choices Daily, Weekly or Manual where the latter one will never check automatically.

Select Help -> Check for Updates in the main menu to search manually for new versions.

Note that the daily or weekly check is only done when starting the program.

Update Channels

Stable Versions only: This will show only notifications for tested and stable versions with a complete manual.

Stable and Beta Versions: Will additionally check for beta/test versions. Beta versions are program releases that already contain all planned features for a stable release but are still not tested carefully. The manual might be incomplete.

Stable, Beta and Development Versions: Little Navmap will also show notifications for development releases. These are neither complete nor well tested. Features might change over time and the manual is not updated for new functionality.

A backup of all settings is recommended before running a development version.

Check for Updates now

Checks for updates immediately. This will use the current settings as shown in the dialog. It will also show notifications for updates that were ignored by pressing the Ignore this Update on the notification dialog.

Update Options

Picture above: Update notification settings in dialog Options.

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