Navigation Databases

Little Navmap can use up to two databases in parallel:

  1. Simulator database: Created by reading the scenery library of FSX, P3D or X-Plane.
  2. Navigation database: Provided by Navigraph. Does not have to be compiled and can be updated by the Navigraph FMS Data Manager.

Little Navmap is bundled with a navigation database from a recent AIRAC cycle that is enabled per default.

See Install Navigraph Updates on my home page for information how to update Little Navmap's navigation data.

Do not let the Navigraph FMS Database Manager update databases while Little Navmap is running. Little Navmap might crash, the update might fail or remain incomplete.

Three display modes can be selected from the menu Scenery Library as shown below.

Uses only information from the Navigraph database.

Note that airport information is limited in this mode. This means that aprons, taxiways, parking positions, runway surface information and fuel information are not available. Additionally, smaller airports might be missing.

Runway layout might not match the runway layout in the simulator if you use stock or older airport scenery.

An advantage of this mode is that approach procedures always match the airport runway layout.

Airport from Simulator Scenery

Picture above: Airport diagram for EDDN from simulator scenery (X-Plane) as shown in the modes Do not use Navigraph Database or Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures.

Airport from Navdatabase

Picture above: Airport EDDN from the Navigraph database while Use Navigraph for all Features is enabled. Note missing runway surface information, aprons, taxiways and parking positions.

Completely ignores the Navigraph database and shows only information read from the simulator scenery.

Default mode after installation or update of Little Navmap.

This mode blends navaids and other features from the Navigraph database with the simulator database. This affects the map display, all information windows and all search windows.

The following features are taken from the simulator database when using this mode:

  • Airports (also Search dock window, tab Airport)
  • Aprons
  • Taxiways
  • Parking positions
  • COM frequencies
  • ILS

The following features are taken from the Navigraph database:

  • Navaids (waypoints/intersections, VOR, NDB, marker) which affects:
    • Search dock window, tab Navaid
    • Flight plan calculation
    • Route Description
  • Procedures (approaches, SIDs and STARs). This affects:
    • Search dock window, tab Procedures
    • Loading and display of procedures from flight plans.
  • Airways
  • Airspaces

Limitations in this mode

  • Little Navmap ignores any mismatches between procedures and runways due to airport updates and will not display a warning. Update an airport using payware or freeware scenery if you find that an approach or departure procedure does not start at a runway end of an airport.
  • Procedures cannot be recognized when selecting Show Procedures in the menu if an airport has changed its ICAO ident (e.g. Kulik Lake: ident changed from LKK to PAKL). If you suspect such a case use the mode Use Navigraph for all Features to get the procedures for the airport.
  • The airport search Procedures only considers procedures available in the simulator. Switch to Use Navigraph for all Features to look for airports that have procedures from the Navigraph database.
  • ILS placement or presence might not match approach procedures if an airport has a new ILS which is not present in stock scenery or an old scenery add-on. If you encounter an ILS approach without ILS station, switch to Use Navigraph for all Features to overcome this limitation.

Using the fsAerodata navdata update will mitigate or even remove all of the limitations above since it will synchronize the simulator scenery with the Navigraph database.

Approach Procedure Mismatch

Picture above: An extreme example for runway/procedure mismatch. The approach from the Navigraph database cycle 1707 ends at the not visible runway 09 while the outdated scenery from FSX shows the airport at the wrong position. EDVK was rebuild north of Calden in 2013. The OpenStreetMap backgound shows the new airport.

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