42. Aircraft Performance Merge Aircraft Performance Merge

The currently loaded performance profile can be merged with the collected performance or another performance file using this dialog.

The dialog is opened when clicking on the merge button in the tab Current Performance, when selecting Aircraft -> Merge collected Aircraft Performance ... or Open Aircraft Performance and Merge ... in the main menu.

A warning message is shown if the fuel type does not match.

42.1. Operations

The left side of the dialog shows either collected performance values from a flight or the values of a profile loaded using the Open Aircraft Performance and Merge ... function.

The right side always shows the values of the current performance profile.

Some values are only shown when merging from a file. Values not provided by the performance collection like alternate fuel are hidden when merging collected data.

An operation can be selected for each value pair:

  • Copy: Simply copies the value from the left side to the currently loaded performance profile on the right.
  • Ignore: Does not change the right value.
  • Merge: Calculates the average of the left and right values and assigns the result to the right. Not applicable for aircraft type and model.

42.2. Buttons

  • OK: Applies the selected operations to the current profile.
  • Cancel: Disregards all changes and closes the dialog.
  • Help: Opens the online help in the default web browser.
  • Set all operations to:: Copy, Ignore and Merge: Changes the operations for all values.

Merge Aircraft Performance dialog for collected performance values.