11. Directories

Little Navmap suggests to create a recommended directory structure on startup. This is purely optional. You can choose to ignore this and save your Little Navmap files in arbitrary places. The program does not require a fixed directory structure for its files.

All default directories are adjusted if you allow Little Navmap to create the directory structure. This means that file dialogs will initially point to the right place when saving files.

The following folders are suggested to be created:

  • Flight Plans: For flight plans in Little Navmap’s own format LNMPLN. See Flight Plan Multiexport for exporting flight plans to other formats usable by simulators, aircraft or tools. See also Little Navmap LNMPLN Format for information about this format.
  • Aircraft Performance: Directory for aircraft performance files LNMPERF. See Aircraft Performance for more information.
  • Window Layouts: For saved window layouts LNMLAYOUT. See Window Layout or Dock Windows.
  • Airports: A place to store PDF, text, image or other files that are linked in the airport information. Chapter Files gives more information about this feature.
  • User Airspaces: User defined airspaces in OpenAir format. See Load Scenery Library.
  • GLOBE Elevation Data: A place for the GLOBE data used by the flight plan elevation profile. Look at chapter See Install GLOBE elevation data for installation instructions.


The directory names depend on the chosen user interface language. This dialog might pop up again if you change the language. Ignore it in this case.

See options on page User Interface for information how to change the program language.