44. Flight Plan Online Network Export

This dialog appears when exporting a flight plan for the online network clients using the export menu items IvAp for IVAO, X-IVAP for IVAO, VATSIM vPilot or SWIFT or Multiexport Flight Plan.

Some input fields might hidden depending on format.

Note that IvAp and X-IvAp use a slightly different format.

Fields that contain information which cannot be extracted from the current flight plan are saved between sessions (e.g. Pilot in command or Equipment).

Other input fields in this dialog are extracted from the current flight plan. These fields can be adjusted manually and are not saved between sessions. These are:

  • Flight Rules: From the current flight plan. IFR or VFR for VFP and I or V for FPL. Change manually if needed.

  • Aircraft type: From the current aircraft performance ( Aircraft Performance).

  • Departure: First waypoint in flight plan.

  • Destination: Last waypoint in flight plan.

  • Route: Generated from the flight plan waypoints, airways, SID and STAR (Flight Plan Route Description).

  • Cruise altitude: Taken from flight plan. Cruise altitude in ft.

  • True Airspeed: From the current aircraft performance cruise speed.

  • Departure time: Uses current UTC time as default. Adjust as needed.

  • Actual: Actual departure time. Uses same default time as above. Adjust as needed.

  • En-route: Traveling time as calculated by flight plan and current aircraft performance.

  • Endurance: Uses same default as above. Adjust as needed.

44.1. Buttons

  • OK: Saves relevant fields for the next session and opens the Save as dialog.

  • Cancel: Discards all changes and closes dialog.

  • Reset: Undoes all changes that were made since opening the dialog.

  • Help: Shows this online help page.


Flight Plan Online Export Dialog for VATSIM vPilot.