15. Holding Icon Holdings

Little Navmap can display a holding pattern at any place or navaid on the map.

Holdings can be placed at any map position. Attaching a holding to a navaid will use the magnetic declination of the navaid and show its ident in the holding label.

Right click in the map, flight plan table, airport, navaid or userpoint search result table and select Add Holding.

This will show a dialog where you can select a runway and customize the holding.

Note that the menu item is disabled if holdings are hidden on the map (menu View -> User Features). The menu item is suffixed with the text hidden on map if this is the case.

Little Navmap shows a tooltip with information about the holding when hovering the mouse above the hotspot (white filled triangle) at the holding fix.

15.1. Create Holding

Dialog input and selection fields:

  • Dialog header: Shows navaid name and ICAO ident or coordinates if holding is not attached to a navaid.
  • Turn direction: Select to choose between left or right turn.
  • Course: Course of the inbound (towards fix) leg of holding in magnetic degree.
  • Speed: Intended holding speed. Used together with time to calculate holding size.
  • Time: Time of the straight legs in the holding. Used together with speed to calculate holding size.
  • Label Straight section length: Calculated length of the straight inbound and outbound sections.
  • Label Total time to complete: Total time to complete one holding.
  • Altitude label: Altitude to display at the holding.
  • Line Color: Color of the holding lines and labels.

Holdings can be removed by either selecting Map -> Remove all Ranges, Measurements and Patterns or by right click on the hotspot (triangle) at the holding fix.

See Holding for details about the displayed numbers in the pattern.


Holding dialog for VORDME RID.


Holding at VORDME RID. Inbound label shows inbound magnetic course, holding time and navaid ident. Outbound track has outbound magnetic course, speed and altitude as label. While filled triangle is the hotspot and holding fix.