71. Network Setup

This chapter explains how to connect with a remote computer across the network to a simulator on a flying computer.


There is no need to share the scenery library or files of any simulator on the network.

You do not have to copy the simulator scenery library neither do you have to install a second simulator on the client computer.

71.1. How to Prepare a Network Setup

  1. Install/extract the whole Little Navmap archive on the flying and the network computer.

  2. Install Little Xpconnect into the X-Plane plugins directory if you use X-Plane. See Little Xpconnect for details.

  3. Use Little Navmap to generate the scenery database on the flying computer. Main menu -> Scenery Library -> Load Scenery Library

  4. Open the database directory on the flying computer using Tools -> Files and Directories -> Show Database Files.

  5. Copy the database files to the network computer. Always close Little Navmap before copying. See Databases for information on what is stored in what database file. There is nothing else to do on the remote computer after copying. The copied file is ready-to-use and there is no need to load the scenery library.


Make sure that the major versions of Little Navmap and Little Navconnect match, otherwise you might get an error message. Use the version of Little Navconnect which is included in the Little Navmap download archive if unsure.

71.2. Weather

71.2.1. FSX, P3D and MSFS

The weather information from P3D and FSX is transferred through the connection via Little Navconnect. MSFS does not provide weather information at all.

71.2.2. X-Plane

Weather information like winds aloft and airport METARs are read from files in the X-Plane installation folder.

Do the following to get access to X-Plane weather files:

  1. Share the weather folders on the flying computer. This is either the X-Plane 11 base folder containing the files global_winds.grib and METAR.rwx or the folder Output/real weather in the X-Plane 12 installation.

  2. Open the Little Navmap options dialog and go to page Weather Files. Change the path to the network share containing the two X-Plane 11 files or the folder for the X-Plane 12 weather files.

Weather should update automatically in Little Navmap once done.

71.3. Flying in a network setup

Startup order does not matter.

  • Start the simulator

  • Start Little Navconnect on the flying computer.

  • Run Little Navmap on the network/remote computer.

  • Connect Little Navmap on the network/remote computer to Little Navconnect on the flying computer. Main menu -> Tools -> Flight Simulator Connection.

See the two chapters below for more details: