60. Files

60.1. Logs

Log files of Little Navmap are stored in the directories:

  • Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\abarthel-little_navmap.log
  • Linux: /tmp/abarthel-little_navmap.log
  • macOS: /var/folders/RANDOMIZED_DIRECTORY_NAME/abarthel-little_navmap.log

The program keeps three log files and rotates these if the file size of 10 MB is exceeded. So you may find up to three logs:

abarthel-little_navmap.log, abarthel-little_navmap.log.1 and abarthel-little_navmap.log.2.

Send the log file abarthel-little_navmap.log if you like to report an error. All three are needed in some cases but sending the first is often sufficient.

Please compress the log file using ZIP when sending per email.

60.2. Configuration

The files use the Windows-INI style that has groups in square brackets and key=value lines. See here for more information about this type of configuration files.

All configuration files for my programs are stored in these directories:

  • Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel
  • Linux and macOS: $HOME/.config/ABarthel
  • little_navmap.ini: INI style configuration file. Text file.
  • little_navmap.history: The map position history. Binary file.
  • little_navmap.track: The user aircraft trail. Binary file.
  • little_navmap_profile.track: User aircraft trail for the elevation profile. Binary file.

Three more configuration files are created for customization of colors and styles:

  • little_navmap_fusionstyle.ini: INI style configuration file for customizing the GUI colors of the style Fusion.
  • little_navmap_nightstyle.ini: As above but for the style Night.
  • little_navmap_mapstyle.ini: INI style configuration file. Text file. Used for customization of the map display.

See Customizing General for more information.


Note that Little Navmap might reset these files when updated, but only after creating backup files. This is usually mentioned in the change log.

60.3. Disk Cache

The disk cache that is used to store all the downloaded online map tile images can be found here:

  • Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\.marble\data
  • Linux and macOS: $HOME/.local/share/marble

You can delete the cache manually to save space if Little Navmap is not running.

60.4. Databases

Databases are stored in the directories:

  • Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel\little_navmap_db
  • Linux and macOS: $HOME/.config/ABarthel/little_navmap_db

All these databases are SQLite files which can be viewed with e.g. DB Browser for SQLite if you’re interested in relational databases.


Do not modify, move, rename or delete databases while Little Navmap is running.

Do not let the Navigraph FMS Database Manager update databases while Little Navmap is running. Little Navmap might crash, the update might fail or remain incomplete.

60.4.1. Scenery Library

The number of files depends on which simulators you have installed and which scenery libraries you’ve loaded.

The files are:

  • little_navmap_.sqlite: An empty dummy database.
  • little_navmap_fsx.sqlite: Flight Simulator X
  • little_navmap_fsxse.sqlite: Flight Simulator - Steam Edition
  • little_navmap_p3dv2.sqlite: Prepar3D v2
  • little_navmap_p3dv3.sqlite: Prepar3D v3
  • little_navmap_p3dv4.sqlite: Prepar3D v4
  • little_navmap_xp11.sqlite: X-Plane 11
  • little_navmap_navigraph.sqlite: Navigraph navdatabase. Can be either the included database or an update installed by the Navigraph FMS Data Manager.

60.4.2. Userdata

The file little_navmap_userdata.sqlite contains the user-defined waypoints.

Little Navmap creates a backup copy on startup and keeps up to four backup files: little_navmap_userdata_backup.sqlite to little_navmap_userdata_backup.sqlite.3. You can copy these files back to the original database little_navmap_userdata.sqlite if you did something wrong.

60.4.3. User Airspaces

The file little_navmap_userairspace.sqlite contains the user-defined airspaces read by using Load User Airspaces.

It is backed up in the same way as the userdata.

60.4.4. Logbook

The file little_navmap_logbook.sqlite is used to store logbook entries.

Little Navmap creates backup copies on startup and keeps up to four backup files as for the user-defined waypoints as described above.

60.4.5. Other Database Files

Additional files like

  • little_navmap_compiling.sqlite,
  • little_navmap_compiling.sqlite-journal,
  • little_navmap_temp.sqlite,
  • little_navmap_temp.sqlite-journal,
  • little_navmap_onlinedata.sqlite or
  • little_navmap_onlinedata.sqlite-journal

are used by temporary processes like the database compilation or online network data. These can be ignored.

60.5. Annotated Flight Plan File Format

Little Navmap uses the FSX/P3D XML flight plan format. The XML standard allows to add comments in a file which are ignored by the simulators and by most add-on programs.

The added comment is an XML comment starting with <!-- LNMDATA and ending with -->. Inside the comment is a simple key/value list separated by | symbols.

Little Navmap stores metadata like version and date in the file which helps when reporting errors or for future extensions.

The most important data is alternate airports and procedure information which allows the program to restore SIDs, STARs, approaches and transitions in an error tolerant way when loading flight plans.

Use Export as Clean PLN Export as Clean PLN if a program is not capable of reading the annotated files.

Flightplan Example snippet
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0">
    <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>
    <!-- LNMDATA
         _lnm=Erstellt mit Little Navmap Version 2.2.1.beta (Revision 257538e) am 2018 11 05T20:20:11|
         aircraftperffile=C:\Users\alex\Documents\Little Navmap\Boeing 737-200 JT8D-15A.lnmperf|
         aircraftperfname=Boeing 737-200|



60.6. Aircraft Performance File Format

The lnmperf files are simple text files and use the Windows-INI style that has groups in square brackets and key=value lines. See here for more information about this type of configuration files.

Speed units are always knots and feet per minute. Fuel units are gallons or lbs depending on the value of FuelAsVolume. ContingencyFuelPercent is percent which will be added to trip fuel.

Description has to be enclosed in double quotes. \n are interpreted as line feeds.

Note that comments starting with # or ; will be replaced when saving the file in Little Navmap. You can add a dummy key like Comment1=my remarks to circumvent this. Unknown keys are not replaced when saving.

Aircraft Performance File Example
Description="Engine type JT8D-15A\n\nClimb: 92% N1, 280/0.7\nCruise: 0.74\nDescent:
Metadata=Created by Little Navmap Version 2.2.0.beta (revision 16944ce) on 2018 11 02T20:23:52
Name=Boeing 737-200