62. Web Server

Little Navmap includes an internal web server showing the map, aircraft progress and airport information with an optional automatic refresh in a web browser. The page can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone in the local network.

Note that the functionality is limited. You cannot change map display settings or calculate a flight plan, for example.

The web server is not started per default. You can start it in the menu Tools -> Run Webserver and then open its page by selecting Open Webserver Page in Browser.

Port and other settings can be changed in options on page Web Server.

You need to adjust your router settings to access the Little Navmap webserver from the internet outside your local network. Check out your router manual how to do this. In general you have to change the firewall settings to forward the port 8965 from the router to the computer running Little Navmap.


Never open the firewall completely. This is a security risk.

62.1. Web Page

This chapter describes the legacy web interface of Little Navmap.

62.1.2. Map Page

Shows the map as currently configured, i.e. airports, navaids, theme and more features are shown as in the running application. Top bar:

  • Manual Reload or 1 Second to 120 Seconds: Triggers a reload of the map image for the given time. Note that this might drain the battery on smartphones or tablets.

  • Reload Map: Reload the map manually.

  • User Aircraft: Centers the user aircraft on the map.

  • Flight Plan: Centers the flight plan on the map.

  • Show Airport: Jumps the airport which ICAO ident is given in the input field to the left of this button. Press the Return key or this button to jump to the airport. Map Navigation

The map is divided into a 3x3 field grid. Each field has an icon in the corner denoting its function:

  • Zoom Zoom out: Zoom in and out

  • Move left Move right Move up Move down: Move map

  • Reload map: Reload map


Web map display in browser with navigation icons. Click image to enlarge.

62.1.3. Flight Plan Page

Shows the flight plan with columns visible and column order as in the application. See Flight Plan Table.

Buttons Manual Reload or 1 Second to 120 Seconds and Reload Map: Same as on map page above. Use reload to see updates for the active flight plan leg.


Flight plan table in browser. Click image to enlarge.

62.1.4. Aircraft

Shows aircraft information as Tab Aircraft.

Buttons Manual Reload or 1 Second to 120 Seconds and Reload Map: Same as on map page above.

62.1.5. Aircraft Progress Page

Shows aircraft progress information as Tab Progress.

Buttons Manual Reload or 1 Second to 120 Seconds and Reload Map: Same as on map page above.

62.1.6. Airport Information Page

Displays the same information as the Airport on one page.

Buttons and input fields:

  • ICAO: Four or three letter airport ICAO ident. Press Return key or button Submit to show airport information.

  • Submit: Loads airport information for given ICAO ident.

  • Reload: Reload page manually to catch weather changes, for example.

The links Runways, Com Frequencies, Procedures and Weather jump to the respective sections below. Click the link Top to go back.

62.2. Web Developers

Little Navmap can deliver map images, the flight plan table and more for HTTP requests.

See directory .../Little Navmap/web/test.html or http://localhost:8965/test.html when running the webserver for examples.