45. Open Flight Plan from SimBrief

This function opens a dialog window where SimBrief flight plans can be imported directly into Little Navmap. SID, STAR, the respective transitions, runway assigments as well as the cruise altitude are downloaded.

Note that approach procedures, cruise speed and fuel parameters are ignored by Little Navmap which relies on aircraft performance files for fuel and speed. See Aircraft Performance for more information.

See Export Flight Plan to SimBrief for information on how to export a flight plan from Little Navmap to SimBrief.

45.1. Download a Flight Plan

  1. Open a web browser by clicking the blue SimBrief link in the dialog header and login.

  2. Start with either New Flight, Edit Flight or Saved Flights or Load.

  3. Once the flight plan is done click Generate Flight in SimBrief.

  4. Go back into Little Navmap and select menu File -> Open Flight Plan from SimBrief.

  5. Enter your SimBrief Pilot ID or Alias (Username). Select the type of login in the drop down box at the left of the input field. Little Navmap remembers this value.

  6. Click Download Flight Plan.

  7. Click Create Flight Plan if if the generated flight plan was successfully downloaded.

Alternatively, click Open in Route Description for manual editing the flight plan in the Flight Plan Route Description dialog.

Note that the flight plan is kept for a while on SimBrief. You do not have to login and generate the flight every time.


Generated flight plan successfully downloaded from SimBrief. Details about the plan are shown in the message area.


The download or parsing failed. Details about errors are shown in the message area.

45.2. How to get the Login Information

  1. Go to Account Settings in SimBrief.

  2. There your can see Alias (Username) and your Pilot ID.


Path to user and login information.