69. Remarks

The edit fields Remarks allow multi line text and special characters for flight plans, flight plan waypoints, aircraft performance files and userpoints. Formatted text like bold or markdown is not supported.

Links are recognized in the field Remarks and can be opened in the dock window Information on tab Navaids which is shown after clicking on an userpoint or selecting Show Information in one of the context menus, for example.

The same applies to userpoints and aircraft performance remarks in the respective information or fuel report tabs.

Normal web links like http://www.example.com or https://www.example.com are recognized besides directory or file links like file:///C:/Users/me/Documents/Aircraft%20Notes.txt on Windows or file:///home/me/Aircraft%20Notes.txt on macOS or Linux.

Note that you have to use the forward slash / instead of the backslash \ on Windows as a path separator.

Replace spaces in links with %20 since Little Navmap recognizes links only until the next space.