78. Appendix

78.1. Tips for slow Computers

  • Dialog Options -> Map -> Details while scrolling ...: Use Normal ...

  • Dialog Options -> Simulator Aircraft -> Simulator Aircraft scroll box size ...: Use a higher value to reduce map updates.

  • Close the window Flight Plan Elevation Profile. It will stop all background processing when closed.

  • Avoid airspaces. Switch them off using the Show Airspaces button on the airspaces toolbar.

  • Switch off all AI traffic in the dialog Connect. See Options.

  • Use the map projection Mercator. It consumes less resources since it can use the downloaded image tiles as is and does not transform them to the spherical format.

78.2. Troubleshoot

See also Little Navmap - Frequently asked Questions which is updated regularly.

78.3. Known Problems and Frequently asked Questions

See also Little Navmap - Frequently asked Questions which is updated regularly.

78.4. How to report a Bug

Please use either the forum or email to avoid confusion and additional effort. Please do not use both.

If something goes wrong send me all available information like flight plans, links to add-on sceneries, Little Navmap’s log file and configuration files. See chapter Files for file paths.

Contact and Support

Provide as much information as possible if you’d like to report a problem:

  1. A screenshot of the full Little Navmap window including title or a flight plan depending on issue might be helpful at first.

  2. The version of Little Navmap.

  3. Information about used add-on airports if applicable.

  4. Operating system:

    • Windows: 10 or 11.

    • macOS: Catalina or Big Sur

    • Linux: which distribution and version

  5. Simulator:

    • X-Plane: 11.55 or 12 version

    • FSX, FSX SE, P3D or MSFS including version

    • Navdata updates if scenery is affected

  6. Add flight plans or other files if involved in the error.

Please add all steps that are necessary to reproduce the error.

When an error occurs during loading of the scenery library send me the offending file if size permits. The full name and path of the file is shown on top of the error dialog if a specific is the cause.


If you’re concerned about privacy when sending log files:

The log files contain system paths (like your Documents directory) which will also include your username as a part of the path. They might also contain your computer’s name and IP address in your network.

I would suggest you remove this information if you’re concerned about it.

In no case are file names of anything but the flight simulator or its configuration files included. No names or contents of personal files are included in the log files.

I strongly recommend sending the log files by private forum message or by email and not attach them to forum posts where they are publicly visible.

Please …

Compress all files using ZIP when sending by email.